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They're probably the first thing you think of when considering orthodontic treatment but with modern technologies braces have come a long way. At Coastal Orthodontics we combine our extensive knowledge and experience with the best orthodontic technology to create healthy smiles using braces.

At Coastal Orthodontics we offer both traditional metal braces & discreet ceramic braces for kids, teens and adults. If you're looking for an alternative to braces we also offer Invisalign® clear aligners.

Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are still one of the most effective orthodontic treatments available. 

Fixed braces are never removed meaning they are constantly working to straighten your smile. The braces are attached to the outer surface of your teeth using small, metal brackets on each tooth. They are then linked together with thin, discreet metal wires. 

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces (or clear braces) are similar to metal braces but instead of using silver/grey metal brackets we use clear or tooth-coloured brackets to create a more discreet alternative to traditional braces. 

Which is best for me?

In terms of effectiveness, there is no difference between metal and ceramic braces. The two main considerations when choosing metal or ceramic braces are cost and aesthetic appeal. 

Metal braces are the more cost-effective option of the two. Due to the difference in materials ceramic braces are generally more expensive than metal braces. 

Ceramic Braces are popular among adults because they are a more discreet alternative. When combined with clear/white archwires your braces can become virtually invisible. 

No two smiles are the same and at Coastal Orthodontics we believe in a personalised approach to every patient's treatment plan. Our team of specialist orthodontists don't just take into account your teeth and mouth but we also consider your lifestyle, budget and desired outcome to ensure we provide the best possible treatment for you.

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