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Teen Orthodontic Treatment - Coastal Orthodontics Gold Coast
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 Teen Treatment 


It's usually the most common time to undergo orthodontic treatment and for good reason. Your child's teenage years are generally when all their adult teeth have erupted and major changes to facial growth are occurring making this the best time to start orthodontic treatment. At this point, we can better evaluate any misalignment or bite problems and begin the process of correcting them.

What Treatments Are Suitable?

Almost all treatments are suitable for teenagers. Treatment options are dependent on every patient's unique case. During your first consultation with one of our specialist orthodontists, we'll provide you with different treatment options to correct your smile. 

At Coastal Orthodontics we offer:

Every smile is unique and not all treatment options will be suitable for you. After your initial consultation, our team will discuss the best options with you and tailor a treatment plan to help create the perfect smile for you. 


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